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Zach Hocanson

Zach Hocanson
Clinical Director – Encore
Zach Hocanson

Specializing in addiction and trauma treatment, Zach uses a trauma-informed, cognitive behavioral approach to help patients holistically achieve their goals of recovery.

Zach Hocanson is a licensed counselor in Virginia and Maryland in practice since 2014, with experience leading clinical teams in outpatient and inpatient settings.

Prior to Encore, Zach was the head of the PTSD department at the International Association of Fire Fighters Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Treatment and Recovery. He served on a multidisciplinary team that treated first responders in an inpatient setting. It was responsible for treatment and modality implementation to address co-occurring mental health and substance.

He encourages his team to develop their individual skills and strengths to gain unique perspective as therapists. Ultimately, the collective contributions of a diverse team can provide comprehensive care for each patient's needs.

He earned a Master of Arts in clinical mental health counseling from the University of Toledo.

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