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Rabbi Yosef Lipsker

Rabbi Yosef Lipsker
A headshot of Rabbi Yosef Lipsker.

Rabbi Yosef Lipsker has worked as a consultant for Caron since 2000. His presence has provided spiritual support and guidance to Jewish patients and families as they struggle to heal from the consequences of addiction.

The centerpiece of his service to Caron families is his hosting of weekly Friday night services and Sabbath dinners for patients. The Rabbi also provides counsel to patients and families prior to and through the course of inpatient treatment.

Rabbi Lipsker serves as the spiritual leader of Congregation Shomrei Habrith of Reading, Pennsylvania. He brings a vibrant Orthodox viewpoint to everything he does. In addition to his pastoral leadership, he is the host of a weekly radio show, “Mind Over Matter,” broadcast each Thursday to WNWR 1540 AM Radio in Philadelphia from 10:00 to 10:30 a.m. The Rabbi also offers a weekly class relating to Judaism and addiction recovery each Thursday evening in the Philadelphia suburbs.

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