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Vanessa Sommer

Vanessa Sommer
Lead Family Therapist
Vanessa Sommer

Vanessa Sommer is a Lead Family Therapist in Caron’s Health Care Professionals Program. Using thoughtful awareness, she develops a calm, supportive therapeutic process and offers practical tactics to help family members restore healthy boundaries and connections.

Since joining Caron in 2004, she has worked extensively with families impacted by addiction, developing an understanding of family dynamics and how each family has specific needs that must be addressed when coping with the disease of addiction. While working in the Opioid Program, she created a distinctive program for family members coping with their loved one’s opioid addiction. The core of the program includes giving family members a voice in treatment and providing education about the impact of addiction.

Vanessa also has expertise working with the families of older adults, young adults, and families who are dealing with a loved ones’ relapse. She is an experienced public speaker and presents on addiction as a disease, recovery and relapse, family dynamics, family self-care, communication, and boundaries.

She began her career working as an in-home family counselor, assisting families in rebuilding their relationships after extended separation events, developing parent education programs, and implementing family workshops.

Vanessa is a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor and an internationally certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor. She has a Master of Arts in community and applied clinical psychology from Rosemont College and a Bachelor of Arts in clinical psychology and addiction counseling from Alvernia University.

Treatment is the end of a patient’s addiction but the beginning of recovery for them and their family members. Supporting family members as they learn what recovery means for them, helping them through the uncomfortable feelings, and being a part of the progress, gives me great fulfillment.”

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