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Tatiana Harris

Tatiana Harris
Family Therapist
MS, Registered Marriage & Family Therapy Intern
Florida (Renaissance)
Areas of Expertise:
Family Therapy
Tatiana Harris

As a Family Therapist, Tatiana Harris provides therapeutic support to families whose loved ones are in treatment at Caron Renaissance.

Working with a clinical team focused on the individual client and family, Tatiana uses proven therapeutic modalities to support families and their loved one in creating healthier and more open family relationships. She takes a collaborative and compassionate approach to her work, offering family members a safe space for processing and healing.

Prior to taking on her role at Caron, Tatiana worked as a primary therapist offering therapy to families and youth ages 5 to 18, through a nonprofit agency. Working five years in pre-school education gave her the opportunity to see how families interact on a regular basis. Through that experience, she gained insight into family dynamics and compassion for families as a whole.

Tatiana is a registered marriage and family therapy intern with a Master of Science in marriage and family therapy from Nova Southeastern University. She has a Bachelor of Science in family youth and community sciences from the University of Florida, with a minor in education and a specialization in family life education.

As a family therapist, I am able to help families make deeply beneficial changes to their family dynamics. Witnessing ways in which these changes take place is a remarkable experience. It is truly a privilege to work with families that are willingly vulnerable and open to embracing clinical opportunities.”

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