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Stephanie Martinez Valle

Stephanie Martinez Valle
Associate Breakthrough Therapist
Stephanie Martinez Valle

In her work as an associate Breakthrough therapist, Stephanie Martinez Valle creates a safe space for workshop participants to process their feelings and experiences and explore the possibilities for their lives going forward.

Stephanie does this by facilitating group therapy and providing clinical support during participants’ free time in the evenings. She uses empathy, authenticity, and her clinical experience to create a foundation of trust so that she can help Breakthrough clients grow and transform through the workshops.

She started in this role in 2024, having previously been a behavioral health technician at Caron for two years. In that role, she supported patients in Caron’s residential programs, providing a safe space, resolving crises, and offering assistance as needed.

Stephanie’s experience also includes a role as a forensic diversion specialist, which involves monitoring and diverting individuals with mental health disorders to community programs rather than incarceration. She has held the position of diversion specialist since 2020.

In 2023, Stephanie obtained her crisis intervention team (CIT) coordinator certification. A CIT program is an innovative, community-based approach to improve the outcomes of encounters between law enforcement and individuals suffering from a mental illness and/or addictions. As a CIT coordinator, she can facilitate program training and communication between law enforcement, advocates, families, and mental health professionals.

Stephanie is a certified professional life coach and a certified cognitive behavioral life coach.

She is currently enrolled in a Master’s program at Johnson & Wales University, Providence, Rhode Island, and has a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice with a minor in psychology and sociology from the same university.

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