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Stephanie Berlin

Stephanie Berlin
Behavioral Health Therapist
Stephanie Berlin

Stephanie Berlin is a Behavioral Health Therapist working in the Men’s Program. She meets patients where they are in order to get them where they want to be, using her skill and experience to design treatment plans that meet each patient’s needs.

She provides individual therapy, facilitates group therapy, and offers educational lectures on topics such as the 12 Steps and mindfulness.

Stephanie came to Caron in 2017 as a counselor assistant, before moving into her current position in 2020. She is a certified allied addiction practitioner with a Bachelor of Arts in behavioral health from Alvernia University. She is also in a master’s degree program in clinical counseling from Alvernia.

With proper education, which is a key component of treatment at Caron, Stephanie believes that patients gain insight and awareness of their need to change and an understanding of the impact of the disease of addiction. At that point, they are more receptive to treatment and seeking recovery.

One of the major reasons I work at Caron is because we treat the whole person, not just the addiction. Our patient-centered approach encompasses behavioral health, psychological services, attention to spirituality, and medical needs, allowing me to provide the services my patients need.”

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