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Shannon Garamella

Shannon Garamella
Medical Administrator

As the medical administrator for The Keele Center and Caron Florida’s Renaissance Program, Shannon Garamella ensures that medical operations run smoothly and efficiently to give patients the best possible care.

Her responsibilities include planning for and supervising medical services administrative needs and keeping her team up to date with compliance. Having a role in giving patients treatment that can lead to healthy lives in recovery is what she finds most rewarding about her work.

Shannon came to Caron in 2022, with 24 years of administrative experience in the health care industry, ranging from single-practitioner offices to multi-site healthcare facilities. Her experience includes oversight of operations, staffing needs, budgets and billing, compliance, and training. Shannon dealt with patients and staff from a range of backgrounds, learning how to give each person the attention and service they needed.

In addition to her considerable experience, Shannon has completed continuing education courses in business management to stay up to date on best practices in health care administration.

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