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Shannon Fischer

Shannon Fischer
Behavioral Health Therapist
Shannon Fischer

Shannon Fischer is a Behavioral Health Therapist working with young adult women.

She provides therapeutic support through individual and group therapy to help young women examine the underlying contributors to their substance use disorder, including co-occurring disorders. Through individual and group therapy as well as psychoeducation, she guides her patients through learning coping skills and developing insights that they can use in treatment and in their lives in recovery.

She began working at Caron in 2021 as a behavioral health therapist in the Women’s Program before moving into her current role. Prior to Caron, she was a therapist for two years at an outpatient treatment center for adolescents with a sexual addiction and sexual disorders. This role gave her an in-depth understanding of addiction and how it affects not only the patient but the family as well, a critical component of treatment at Caron.

Shannon is a trauma-informed therapist with a Master of Science in mental health counseling with a concentration in addiction and offenders counseling from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She has a Bachelor of Arts in applied psychology and minor in criminal justice from Penn State University, Berks campus.

With a client-centered approach that focuses wholly on their progress and challenges, I can meet my patients where they are and use therapeutic interventions that match their needs. Caron’s emphasis on patient-centric, individualized care allows me the freedom and support I need to provide that care to my patients.”

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