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Sarah Valentin

Sarah Valentin
Neurocognitive Services Clinical Administrator
Sarah Valentin

Sarah Valentin is responsible for day-to-day oversight of neurocognitive services. She enjoys having a role that empowers patients to learn how to self-regulate their brain activity to increase focus and relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and better manage moods and emotions.

Her work includes developing and implementing integrative treatment plans for patients and establishing individualized protocols based on each patient’s needs. She also provides case management, monitors and reports on patient progress, and adjusts treatment as needed. In addition, Sarah trains neurofeedback technicians, ensuring adherence to best practices and company protocols and monitoring their work.

Sarah took on this position in 2023, after working as a neurocognitive technician for two years. Working with patients from a range of backgrounds and experiences as well as with Caron’s clinical teams built a solid portfolio of experience for her current administrative role. Understanding electroencephalography, neurofeedback therapy, and cranial electrotherapy stimulation from a technical perspective also strengthens her ability to work with her patients, the technicians, and Caron’s clinical staff.

She came to Caron in 2021 as a behavioral health technician in 2018. Before coming to Caron, she had worked in retail asset protection for 10 years.

Sarah is a certified allied addiction practitioner (CAAP) and is working on her neurofeedback professional certification. She is also enrolled in a Master of Science program in clinical mental health counseling at Lock Haven University, Lock Haven, PA. Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from American Public University, Charles Town, WV.

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