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Sarah Poplinski

Sarah Poplinski
Behavioral Health Therapist
Sarah Poplinski

As a Behavioral Health Therapist in the Men’s Relapse Program, Sarah Poplinski has worked specifically with relapse patients for nearly a decade to provide individual and group therapy.

Sarah's goal is to help clients find a core of capability within themselves they can use to find their way to recovery. She recognizes her role in validating and celebrating the work patients do and the changes they are able to make.

With her groups, she employs experiential therapy modalities to help patients break through intellectual barriers and defense mechanisms. She has also found spirituality to be an important component of her work with patients, helping them to develop mindfulness as a means of treating addiction.

She came to Caron in 2005 as a counselor assistant/counselor at the Caron’s Breakthrough program (formerly called the Center for Self-Development). She became an associate counselor and then behavioral health therapist working with diverse populations throughout Caron.

Sarah has a Master of Arts in clinical counseling from Alvernia University and is a certified alcohol and drug counselor.

For a counseling relationship to be efficacious, there needs to be trust for the clinician which can be cultivated within a non-judgmental atmosphere. I seek to support my clients on their healing journey by offering a safe space to speak what is in their hearts and minds. I strongly believe that each client has the potential to transmute their emotional pain and life experiences in to the cultivation of personal power."
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