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Sarah Notebaert

Sarah Notebaert
Behavioral Health Therapist
Sarah Notebaert

Sarah Notebaert is a Behavioral Health Therapist in the Grand View Program and Older Adult Program. She grounds her work in a strengths-based perspective, utilizing evidence-based practices to deliver a person-centered and family-inclusive approach that is the hallmark of Caron's treatment.

Sarah creates a welcoming space for patients to holistically explore and address underlying issues that have led to addiction and relapse. By supporting patients to gain greater awareness of those issues and to understand that they can be managed in healthy ways, she helps them to build a strong foundation for their recovery. She also educates patients and their families about substance use disorder, co-occurring disorders, trauma, and the recovery process.

Before coming to Caron in 2021, Sarah worked in a hospital setting with adults, including geriatric patients, who had acute, chronic medical and mental health conditions. She helped patients and their families to navigate issues that impeded their recovery, such as grief and loss. Sarah also provided treatment to patients on psychiatric units and offered outpatient therapy services to college students.

She is a licensed social worker with a Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Notre Dame.

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