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Sarah Billman

Sarah Billman
Outpatient Behavioral Health Therapist
MS, CAADC, SAP-certified, CTP
Pennsylvania (Outpatient)
Sarah Billman

Sarah Billman is a Behavioral Health Therapist at the Caron Outpatient Treatment Center, a position she has had since 2020.

In this role, she facilitates the Intensive Outpatient Program, serves as a case manager for clients in that program, and also provides individual therapy. The various positions she has held in the addiction treatment industry, as well as her education and personal experience, have given her an in-depth understanding of the challenges her clients face as well as knowledge of the resources available to support them in recovery.

Before joining the Outpatient Treatment Center, Sarah worked at Caron Pennsylvania in a variety of roles, including three years working as an admissions specialist, two years in the financial department, one year providing focused after-care, and four years as a counselor assistant.

Her previous experience includes working as a prevention specialist at Berks County’s single-county authority, The Council on Chemical Abuse, and as a counselor at Berks Counseling Center.

Sarah has a Master of Science degree in human services from Purdue University and a Bachelor of Arts in behavioral health addiction studies from Alvernia University. She is a certified prevention specialist and a certified allied addiction practitioner. She is also certified Student Assistance Program provider.

It’s the 'aha' moments—that instant when people understand a concept they didn’t before—that makes my job as therapist so rewarding because it’s a sign that internal change is happening. The best part of what we do at Caron is to help people acquire the tools to get well.”

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