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Sara Counes

Sara Counes
Vice President of Admissions and Business Development
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Sara Counes is the Vice President of Admissions and Business Development.

Sara has been working in the field of addiction for over 10 years. Her journey as a recovery professional began at Hanley Center in 2004, where she worked her way up through the leadership ranks to the role as Director of Admissions, and Clinical and Financial Case Management. Sara’s passion is to create therapeutic alliances and place patients where clinically appropriate. Her extensive relationships throughout the country allow her to be an invaluable resource for professionals and the patients they serve.

Sara is certified as an Addictions Professional and an International Drug and Alcohol Counselor. She teaches those who are seeking out these certifications in the state of Florida. She was named Heroes in Medicine in the Student category in 2008. The same year she was honored with the YWCA’s Grace Dodge Woman of the Year Award for her work helping women in recovery from addiction.

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Note with "2020, I will..." written, with a space for three resolutions.
Jan 07, 2020

“Dry January” is an Opportunity to Boost Your Wellness

By Sara Counes

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