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Samantha McInnis

Samantha McInnis
Outpatient Behavioral Health Therapist
Samantha McInnis

Samantha McInnis is a Primary Behavioral Health Therapist at the Caron Atlanta Outpatient Treatment Centers.

She works with adults and their families, providing group and individual therapy, with the goal of guiding them to a healthy and lasting recovery and to restored relationships and communication within their support systems. Her foremost tool, in addition to a master’s in professional counseling, is her ability to connect with her patients, creating a productive therapeutic alliance that enables them to be honest and open.

Sam joined Caron in 2021, with 15 years in the addiction treatment field, as both a case manager and primary therapist, working closely with impaired professionals and students, both male and female. She came to this work as a calling, starting graduate school with an emphasis on addiction treatment.

She has been intensively trained in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and trained in brainspotting, a type of therapy that helps people process trauma. She has a bachelor’s degree in management from Georgia Tech and a master’s degree in professional counseling from Georgia State University. Previously, she worked in banking/trust services.

This work allows me to help people engage with life in ways they couldn’t or didn’t before, for whatever the reason, by changing how they see, think about, and deal with challenges, pain, and setbacks. What gives me deep satisfaction is seeing the relationships patients develop with each other as their self-esteem and communication skills improve, building hope and community for lives in recovery. The work we do at Caron supports patients so they can address their past realistically and create and claim a future they are excited to live into."
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