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Paige Bottom

Paige Bottom
Senior Vice President of Regional Services
A headshot of Paige Bottom.

Paige Bottom has been committed to the field of addiction and mental health since 1990, beginning with her work with adolescents diagnosed with both psychiatric and chemical dependency problems.

After completing her undergraduate degree in psychology, Paige began direct clinical work in Virginia, but her professional career soon branched into prevention and education. Throughout that time, Paige remained dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people who had been affected by addiction and mental illness. As a result, she returned to graduate school with a dual focus on counseling psychology and business administration. It was during this time that Paige moved out of direct care and into program development, operations and administration.

Driven by a desire to have a greater impact on how care is delivered and to reach a larger portion of an underserved population, Paige’s ultimate goal was to provide services that result in a powerful, life-changing experience and greater rates of success in recovery. After receiving her master’s in business administration, Paige worked extensively in North Carolina, California, Tennessee and Georgia, creating and developing programs to increase their responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness.

Paige joined Caron in April 2019 as Senior Vice President of Regional Services. In her role she will lead Caron’s regional strategy which is focused on increasing access to a full continuum of care. The growth of the regional services offers greater opportunity for ongoing connection and support for clients, families and the community, for a life of recovery and wellbeing.

Being part of the recovery process for clients and families and watching them heal and reconnect with their enthusiasm for life is what makes this work most rewarding for Paige. To be an integral part of Caron’s vision of RECOVERY FOR LIFE, is the perfect way to guide people to this beautiful path of recovery and happiness.