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Nicole Rhoads

Nicole Rhoads
Behavioral Health Therapist
Pennsylvania (Outpatient)
Nicole Rhoads

Nicole Rhoads is a Behavioral Health Therapist at the Caron Outpatient Treatment Center.

In this role, Nicole provides individual therapy to adolescents, specifically around trauma, and facilitates the recovery maintenance group for adolescents. Nicole takes a person-centered approach and meets patients where they are in their readiness and motivation to change by building rapport and trust in the treatment process.

Before joining the Outpatient Treatment Center in 2022, she worked with teen and young adult males at Caron Pennsylvania since 2017. Her prior experience includes working with individuals with severe mental health diagnoses to help them reintegrate into the community and prevent rehospitalization. She also has experience as an education and employment specialist for individuals with severe mental health.

Nicole is a licensed social worker with provider status in cognitive processing therapy (CPT) and is trained in EMDR and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). She has a Master of Social Work from Marywood University, Scranton, Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Science in rehabilitation and human services from East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania.

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