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Nicole Rex

Nicole Rex
Coordinator of Student Assistance Programs
Nicole Rex

With a focus on education and prevention, Nicole Rex oversees the development and implementation of student presentations, assemblies, and psychoeducational support groups in schools across Pennsylvania. She is committed to furthering Caron's vision of a future where individuals are free from the grip of addiction.

Nicole brings a wealth of expertise in adolescent nicotine and cannabis trends. Her passion for spreading awareness extends to professionals and parents, as she and her team have conducted numerous informative sessions on drug and alcohol trends.

Before joining Caron in 2018, Nicole spent over 15 years in the nursing field, gaining valuable experience. As a parent herself, she actively participates in her community, fully understanding the importance of addressing substance use disorder.

Nicole received her nursing degree in 2004 and is licensed in the State of Pennsylvania. She is trained in tobacco treatment through Penn Medicine.

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