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Matthew Wetzel

Matthew Wetzel
Clinical Supervisor
Matthew Wetzel

As clinical supervisor for the Men’s Program, Matt Wetzel ensures quality services for patients. The calm therapeutic presence he cultivated as a therapist helps him to maintain an open, compassionate environment for the men in the program.

In this role, he supervises the clinicians who work in the program, maintains the daily schedule, implements process improvement, and facilitates groups and lectures. As needed, he provides individual therapy for patients.

Before becoming the clinical supervisor, Matt was a lead therapist for a year. Prior to that, he was a behavioral health therapist for nine years. He came to Caron in 2012 as an associate behavioral health therapist. He has worked with young adult men and men in the relapse program, in addition to patients in Men’s Program.

Matt is a licensed professional counselor and a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor. He has a Master of Science in counseling from Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Kutztown University, Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

My role is to enable the therapists I supervise to be fully present for their patients, opening an opportunity for patients to make changes that will enable them to fulfill their goals for their lives in recovery. What we do here has a ripple effect that transforms relationships, from our patients’ family members and friends to their colleagues, neighbors, and others.”
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