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Matt Owen

Matt Owen
Behavioral Health Therapist
Matt Owen

As a behavioral health therapist for the Women’s Program at Caron, Matt Owen develops treatment plans, provides individual therapy, and facilitates group therapy. His goal is to help his patients reconcile elements of their life that are askew, allowing them to build a foundation for sustained recovery.

He took on this role in 2022 and has worked at Caron since 2011. He was a therapist with the Health Care Professionals Program for two years, a spiritual care counselor for six years, and a counselor assistant for four years. During that time, he took a six-month leave to serve as a fellow at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, providing spiritual care and support.

Matt sees his work as a therapist and spiritual counselor as a privilege, being able to observe as people discover their authentic selves and supporting them in that process. His contemplative approach and attentive listening skills help patients to elicit their motivations for change, which strengthens their ability to make those changes.

Before coming to Caron, Matt was a counselor assistant at another addiction treatment facility.

Matt is a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor, a certified trauma professional, a board-certified chaplain and board-certified pastoral counselor, and a certified mindfulness meditation teacher. He has a Master of Arts in philosophy from West Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania, and a Master of Arts in leadership studies from Meadville-Lombard Theological School in Chicago.

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