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Mandy Burnette

Mandy Burnette
Clinical Administration Supervisor
Mandy Burnette

As Clinical Administrative Supervisor, Mandy Burnette oversees the counselor assistant administrators and the counselor assistants. By improving and streamlining processes, she helps ensure that patients have the best treatment experience possible.

Mandy also provides staff training and development for the administrators and assistants so that they can do their jobs well and enjoy the work they do.

It’s a job that requires attention to details and the ability to see the big picture. Her experiences as an administrator and assistant have been invaluable, providing an in-depth understanding what is needed to provide excellent patient care in all of Caron’s treatment programs. The professional growth she has experienced in her career at Caron has made her determined to provide those same opportunities to her staff.

Mandy began working at Caron in 2007 as a counselor assistant and was promoted to clinical administrator before taking on her current job as supervisor. She has a master’s degree in psychology from Ashford University.

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