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Mallory Henry

Mallory Henry
Senior Coordinator, Student Assistance Programming
Mallory Henry

As a senior coordinator of student assistance programming, Mallory Henry oversees the educational services Caron provides to schools, educators, students, and families in Pennsylvania, which include prevention and substance use education.

In her role, she sets goals and strategies for the department and defines the actions needed to put them into practice. Mallory supervises approximately 30 specialists who provide education in schools and other youth-serving organizations. She is also a Pennsylvania-approved Student Assistance Program training provider.

Mallory is passionate about prevention, education, and support for the entire family. She provides regional family services for those impacted by a loved one’s behavioral health and substance use. These include workshops and webinars for family members and a support group for siblings.

She came to Caron in 2012 to work in the Student Assistance Programming Department, starting in direct service providing education in schools, then becoming a lead specialist and a coordinator after that, before taking on her current position in 2020. Her degree in secondary education and experience in the behavioral health field have equipped her to take on the challenges and possibilities the job offers.

Mallory is a certified prevention specialist with a Bachelor of Science in secondary education from Penn State.

My understanding of how the school system works in Pennsylvania and of behavioral health allows me to see how they intertwine. In terms of background, this job suits everything I liked about my past experience. I love that it’s different every day and allows me to meet and work with all kinds of people. Those relationships build my ability to provide resources to students and schools that are really needed.”
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