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Lucia Ferrara

Lucia Ferrara
Lead Recovery Support Specialist
Lucia Ferrara

Lucia Ferrara is a lead recovery support specialist in the My Recovery Connection Program. In this role, she supports and guides both clients and their family members in the year after they leave treatment, helping them to create healthy lives in recovery.

She is available to assist them to overcome challenges, solve problems, build effective coping skills, and celebrate their successes. As a lead recovery support specialist, Lucia assists the Program Director with managing projects and taking care of administrative responsibilities.

Lucia began her career at Caron as a counselor assistant in 2003, then worked as a counselor for various inpatient programs, and moved to the My Recovery Connection (formerly My First Year of Recovery Program) in 2018.

With the experience of having worked with patients while they were in treatment at Caron, she feels well equipped to help her clients meet challenges and problems as they come up and to pass on to them the confidence that there is always a way through difficulties.

Being calm and solution-focused with a good sense of humor has gotten me and my clients through the rough spots.
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