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Lisa Baruch

Lisa Baruch
Regional Resource Director for Miami
Lisa Baruch

As the Regional Resource Director for Miami, Lisa Baruch educates and assists financial, tech, academic, legal, health care, and other businesses and organizations as well as medical and behavioral health professionals to increase awareness about substance use disorder, mental health issues, and available treatment options.

As a trusted source of information and consultation, Lisa acts as a liaison for those in need of support, their family members, and referents to help identify the appropriate treatment placement. Working with Caron’s clinical and medical team, Lisa supports clients and their families from admissions through aftercare to their lives in recovery.

Lisa has more than 25 years of experience specializing in behavioral health, addiction, and wellness in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. In the first part of her career, as a clinically trained social worker, she was an admissions specialist and a therapist providing individual and group therapy as part of an interdisciplinary team for a dual diagnosis residential treatment facility in Washington, D.C. In addition, she has been a supervisor for a continuing care team in identifying aftercare placement and has facilitated alumni support groups.

Since 2005, she has worked in business development, with extensive business, service, clinical, and operational knowledge. She gains immense satisfaction from this role, which enables her to see the transformation that treatment provides, allowing patients and family members to enjoy a healthier, happier, and flourishing life.

Lisa has a Master of Social Work from Catholic University, Washington, D.C., and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the American University. She is a national board-certified health and wellness coach (NBC-HWC) and a functional medicine certified health coach (FMCHC). She is versed in a wide range of diagnostic, clinical, and recovery models and in motivational interviewing, positive psychology, and the transtheoretical model of behavior change.

Lisa can be reached at lbaruch@caron.org or 917-783-1081.

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