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Laurie Chamberlin

Laurie Chamberlin
Executive Chef
A headshot of Laurie Chamberlin.

Laurie Chamberlin has been an executive chef at Caron since 2013. Prior to coming to Caron, she worked in a number of restaurants and as a personal chef, gaining experience in Thai, gluten-free, and vegan cooking.

With those influences, she has developed a culinary approach that emphasizes the intersection of health and flavor, offering Caron clients and their families menu options that are delicious and light.

Soon after her arrival, Laurie put systems in place to make the department more efficient, enabling staff to better deliver the culinary experiences clients expect. In fact, the department gets rave reviews for meeting those expectations.

She attended the Florida Culinary Institute, graduating at the top of her class with dual degrees in culinary arts and international baking and pastry.

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