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Laura Holland

Laura Holland
Lead Recovery Support Specialist
Laura Holland

As a Lead Recovery Support Specialist in the My First Year of Recovery Program, Laura Holland supports and guides clients in the year after they leave treatment and their family members to help them create healthy lives in recovery.

Laura is available to assist them to overcome challenges, solve problems, and celebrate their successes. She works with the other lead recovery support specialist to supervise the My First Year of Recovery team, offering advice, guidance, and help as needed and taking care of administrative responsibilities.

She started her career at Caron as a college intern in 2005. Since then she has been a counselor in several inpatient programs, including the Relapse Program; a counselor associate in the Breakthrough Program; and a facilitator for the Family Education Program. In 2012, she assisted in developing and launching the My First Year of Recovery Program.

She is a certified alcohol and drug counselor and has a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Genuinely caring for people I work with has made me a passionate believer in people’s capacity to remake themselves.

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