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Kristen Niess

Kristen Niess
Recovery Support Specialist
Kristen Niess

Kristen Niess supports and guides her clients and their family members as they begin their lives in recovery. She is available to challenge, encourage, commend their successes, provide suggestions, and help them solve problems and overcome obstacles.

To do this, she meets with clients and family members by phone and video conferencing, coordinates monitoring tools, like drug and alcohol screenings, and is available to assist with issues when needed.

Prior to taking on this position in 2023, Kristen was a clinical behavioral health technician at Caron, supporting adult men and women, for just over two years. She came to Caron as a behavioral health technician for the teen female population in 2010. Those supportive roles gave her an in-depth understanding of people’s ability to transform their lives when they have expert guidance and encouragement.

Kristen is a certified allied addiction practitioner with a Bachelor of Social Work from Messiah University in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

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