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Kerry McGuire

Kerry McGuire
Career Services Therapist
Kerry McGuire

As the Career Services Therapist, Kerry McGuire provides comprehensive therapeutic and job-focused support for patients. This vocational component is critical to patients in establishing a purpose and goals for their early recovery.

Kerry offers job-focused coaching, helping patients to create resumes and practice interviewing skills, and therapeutic counseling to process what comes up during the job search and being in the workplace in recovery. She structures the services she provides to meet patient needs at their professional level, from college students and recent graduates to high-level professionals.

Before taking this position in 2021, Kerry did a year-long social work internship at Caron. The knowledge and experience she gained during her internship coupled with her past experience gave her a strong foundation for her current role. That experience includes a role as a career coach in the Career Center at Florida Atlantic University as well as coaching people with barriers to employment at a vocational rehabilitation center.

Kerry has a Master of Social Work and a Bachelor of Social Work, both from Florida Atlantic University. She is a registered clinical social worker intern.

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