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Kalynn Essick

Kalynn Essick
Behavioral Health Therapist
Kalynn Essick

Kalynn Essick is a Behavioral Health Therapist who works with young adult women.

In 2021, she began this position and facilitates individual and group sessions, offers psychoeducational groups and lectures, and assists patients and families with their needs while in treatment.

Kalynn came to Caron in 2016 as an Admissions Specialist and then became a Clinical Admissions Associate. That work gave her insight into patients’ and families’ treatment needs and experience in putting them at ease.

She is a certified allied addiction practitioner (CAAP) with a Master of Arts in clinical counseling and a Bachelor of Arts in behavioral health, both from Alvernia University. She completed her graduate school practicum and internship in women’s services.

Because Caron treats patients as a whole, rather than just focusing on their addiction, I am able to provide my patients with comprehensive counseling to give them a solid foundation for their life in recovery.”

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