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John Varsam

John Varsam
Family Therapist

John Varsam is a family therapist in the Older Adults Program, focusing on family treatment and psychoeducation, a role that enables him to support patients’ caretakers in better understanding the role of addiction and mental health and the importance of family treatment in maintaining wellbeing.

To do this, he offers psychoeducation about substance use disorder, healthy boundaries, self-care, and communication. He also provides group and family therapy, helping patients and family members look at their family systems to gain insight that enables them to improve relationships and increase individual and family wellbeing.

John began his current work at Caron in 2022, having come to Caron in 2016 as a counselor assistant with Caron Florida’s Renaissance Program. He transitioned into a role as primary therapist and then went into private practice as an individual and family therapist in 2021. During his time at Caron, he worked with career services, vocational counseling, and the Professionals Program as well as working with patients with internet and gaming disorder.

John is a licensed clinical social worker with a Master of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida. He is a certified International Certified Gambling Counselor-II (ICGC-II) and trained in dialectical behavior therapy.

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