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John Goldman

John Goldman
Outpatient Behavioral Health Therapist
Pennsylvania (Outpatient)
John Goldman

As an Outpatient Behavioral Health Therapist, John Goldman provides individual and group therapy and facilitates a recovery maintenance group that supports people in maintaining a healthy recovery.

A key component of his work is using EMDR, a proven treatment that helps people recover from trauma and other deeply stressful life events, to help patients who have experienced trauma.

He started his career at Caron as a family therapist in 2019 and moved into his current role in 2020. Before coming to Caron, he worked at a halfway house for teenagers, providing them with long-term support in a residential setting. That experience gave him a solid foundation in family therapy and family dynamics.

John is a licensed social worker and a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor. He has a Master of Social Work and a Bachelor of Social Work from Marywood University.

Family dynamics cannot be separated from treatment and recovery, which is why Caron emphasizes the need for family healing. Having a systems perspective enables me to treat patients holistically—looking at the whole of who they are rather than narrowly at the addiction.”

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