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Jessica Levan

Jessica Levan
Recovery Support Specialist
Jessica Levan

As a recovery support specialist with My Recovery Connection, Jessica Levan is a coach and advocate for clients in their first year of recovery and their family members, supporting their successes and helping them overcome challenges and obstacles.

The opportunity to work with clients and families for a whole year allows her to develop personal relationships with them, from hearing about the family vacation to celebrating the adoption of a puppy.

It's the relationships with clients and families that make my job very rewarding and a lot of fun.

Prior to taking on the role of recovery support specialist, Jessica was a clinical supervisor at Caron. She joined Caron in 2001, as an undergraduate intern, went on to work as a counselor assistant, associate counselor, counselor, and then lead counselor.

Jessica brings that wealth of experience, as well as several years of experience at another treatment facility, to her current work. That depth of knowledge is something that she relies on and shares with her colleagues to enrich their ability to support My Recovery Connection (formerly called My First Year of Recovery) clients and families.

She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation services.

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