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Jesse Duke

Jesse Duke
Behavioral Health Technician Administrator
Jesse Duke

As an administrator overseeing behavioral health technicians, Jesse Duke puts patient safety first and foremost, ensuring that the technicians meet patient needs and that patients receive quality care. He also focuses on teaching patients in early sobriety how they can cope with and thrive in their lives in recovery.

Jesse supports and supervises his team and manages scheduling and administrative tasks. He creates a working environment that is safe for his coworkers and open to their feedback. He also works with patients as needed, helping them to build patience, tolerance, and compassion. In recovery himself, he looks for those moments when patients who have been hopeless see that life can be rewarding and more than they expected.

He started at Caron as a behavioral health technician in 2010 and took on the role of administrator in 2012. He continues to learn and grow in this role, building his own resilience and openness to change.

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