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Hillary Bossert

Hillary Bossert
Behavioral Health Therapist
Hillary Bossert

As a therapist in Caron’s Older Adult Program, Hillary Bossert works with patients and their family members to treat their addictions and map out a plan for recovery. The foundation of her work is her ability to build rapport with her patients, supporting them in creating treatment and recovery goals and reclaiming their autonomy.

At the same time, she and the family therapist work with the family as a whole to build a foundation for healthy family relationships and communication.

Hilary came to Caron in 2017 in her current position. With Caron’s support, she has deepened her expertise to provide the individualized, specialized care her older adult patients need in addition to addiction treatment, such as physical or mental diminishment or behavioral health concerns. She works with patients and family members to figure out next steps that will best suit each patient’s recovery.

Prior to coming to Caron, she worked in a community services organization with foster children and their families, providing case management, counseling, and family supervision. Her experience also includes working with teens at a youth detention center and with intellectually disabled adults in a group home.

Hillary is a licensed social worker with a master’s degree in social work.

Caron takes an individualized approach in order to meet each patient’s treatment needs. We work collaboratively with other Caron staff, referents, and family members to ensure that each treatment plan is created for that patient, including considering after-care and recovery options.
Seeing patients gain a sense of purpose and renew their relationships with their families makes me glad to do the work I do.”

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