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Dr. Erin Deneke

Dr. Erin Deneke
Senior Director of Research
Ph.D., LPC
Areas of Expertise:
Addiction, Process Addictions, Research

Dr. Deneke is the senior director of research at Caron. Her research focuses on chemical dependency, behavioral addictions, outcomes, and recovery.

Dr. Deneke has been a co-investigator on several National Institute of Health grants, and. she has presented at both the local and national level on a wide range of topics. In addition, she has several peer-reviewed publications.

In addition to being a co-investigator on several NIH grants, Dr. Deneke has made several professional presentations and she has several peer-reviewed publications.

She is currently an adjunct assistant professor of psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, in addition to being a licensed professional counselor.

Prior to joining Caron in 2006, she was the program director of the Baltimore City Counseling Center, where she provided crisis intervention services for children and adolescents. Dr. Deneke was also the district director of the Anne Arundel Abuse Counseling Center, managing a clinical team and working with victims of sexual assault. She worked for four years in a year-long residential substance use treatment center for women in Annapolis.

Dr. Deneke obtained a Ph.D. in pastoral counseling from Loyola University, Baltimore, Maryland, where she conducted research on the personalities of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and the long-term impacts of bullying in adults. She was also a pre-doctoral fellow working on a project exploring spirituality as a potential sixth factor of personality in the five-factor personality structure. Dr. Deneke obtained her undergraduate degree in wildlife biology from West Virginia University. Her previous experience includes research on songbirds and working as a wildlife biologist.

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