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Eric Rodriguez

Eric Rodriguez
Behavioral Health Therapist
Eric Rodriguez

As a behavioral health therapist for the Grand View Program at Caron Pennsylvania, Eric Rodriguez provides individual and family therapy to patients and their families, facilitates groups, offers educational lectures, and helps to set up aftercare plans.

He has advanced education in co-occurring disorders, specifically related to anxiety, and is trained in cognitive processing therapy for trauma.

Connecting with people when they are at their most vulnerable to support them as they rebuild their lives and relationships is the most rewarding part of his work. Having had personal experience with the effects of substance use disorder on individuals and families contributes to his dedication.

He began working at Caron in 2017 as a therapist for the Men’s Program and moved to Grand View in 2019. Before coming to Caron, he worked with heart and vascular transplant patients and their families, providing social and family evaluations and post-transplant discharge planning. With expertise in both substance use disorder and other life-threatening illnesses that take a toll on patients and families, Rodriguez has the compassionate and empathetic care that it requires to help them.

Eric has a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology and a master’s degree in clinical social work from Millersville University.

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