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Emma Rabinowitz

Emma Rabinowitz
Therapist, College Success Services
LCSW, Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern (RCSWI)
Florida (Renaissance)
Emma Rabinowitz

As a College Success Therapist, Emma Rabinowitz works with young adults who are in school or who are planning to go to school while in treatment or post-treatment.

Emma provides support and counseling to aid them in setting goals and working to achieve them, including deciding which schools are appropriate for their plans and applying to them. Additionally, she helps them with practical matters such as filling out college applications and applying to return from a medical leave. For young people who are undecided about their goals, she provides guidance on setting goals and taking on responsibility to make progress toward achieving them.

She came to Caron Renaissance in 2019 for a one-year graduate school internship, observing Renaissance therapists putting the concepts she learned in class into practice. She worked for a year after that at another facility as a therapist in a detox unit and residential treatment. She returned to Caron in 2021 to take on this role.

Emma is a registered clinical social work intern (RCSWI) with a Master of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University and a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Lehigh University.

Putting the Caron Renaissance clinical philosophy into practice enables me to work with my patients to set and achieve small goals, helping them discover their passion and purpose. By celebrating small goals, like getting an A on an assignment, they discover the joy of accomplishment and succeeding in their lives in recovery.”

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