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Emma Rabinowitz

Emma Rabinowitz
Family Therapist
Emma Rabinowitz

Emma Rabinowitz works with patients and their families to open a space for understanding, healing, and growth.

By guiding them as they look at family systems, dysfunction, and relationships, Emma helps them to overcome challenges and ingrained dysfunction in order to create a healthy family system and better relationships.

Prior to taking on the role of family therapist in 2023, Emma was a College Success therapist, working with Renaissance patients to help them achieve educational goals. She came to Caron Renaissance in 2019 for a one-year graduate school internship, observing Renaissance therapists putting the concepts she learned in class into practice. She worked for a year after that at another facility as a therapist in a detox unit and residential treatment. She returned to Caron in 2021.

Emma is a licensed clinical social worker with a Master of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University and a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Lehigh University.

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