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Emily Rojo

Emily Rojo
Outpatient Therapist
Emily Rojo

In her position as an Outpatient Therapist, Emily Rojo provides individual, group, and family therapy.

By assessing each patient’s individual needs, she is able to create a treatment plan to treat both substance use disorder as well as any co-occurring disorders. Her goal is to enable full lives in recovery when patients leave treatment.

She takes a collaborative approach both to her work with patients and with her colleagues on staff. Since taking on the job in 2022, Emily has appreciated the opportunity to deepen her experience in treating substance use disorder as well as learning new skills and tools.

Emily has been an outpatient therapist since 2017, working with a variety of populations before coming to Caron, including younger adolescents, college students, and families. Most recently, she worked with a private multi-service organization that provided trauma treatment, as well as other services, to children and teens and their families.

Emily has a Master of Science in counseling psychology from Holy Family University, Philadelphia, and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Felician University, Rutherford, New Jersey.

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