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Dr. Amber Deckard

Dr. Amber Deckard
Director of Neuropsychological and Psychological Services
Psy. D, NPT-C
Areas of Expertise:
Clinical Psychology, Adult & Geriatric Neuropsychological and Psychological Assessment, Neuropsychotherapy, and Image Rehearsal Therapy for PTSD-Related Nightmares, Meaning Therapy (Existentialism)
Dr. Amber Deckard

Dr. Amber Deckard is at the helm of a team committed to pioneering advances in psychological and neuropsychological evaluations.

As a clinical neuropsychologist, she collaborates with a diverse team focused on identifying and addressing various concurrent disorders. Her responsibilities extend to clinical oversight, offering consultancy, mentoring, participating as a team player, and managing clinic responsibilities. Leading effectively and maintaining open, precise communication are fundamental to her position, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, and collaborative effort.

She specializes in evaluating the impact of injuries, illnesses, and psychological disorders on cognitive abilities and behavior. Her approach to providing feedback is distinctive and permeable, rooted in meaning. Dr. Deckard frequently addresses diagnostic factors such as brain injuries, strokes, chronic pain, stress, psychological disorders, and personality traits, the effects of multiple medications (polypharmacy), substance abuse, dementia, intellectual capabilities (IQ), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), mental capacity, among other conditions.

Following her honorable service in the U.S. Marine Corps, Dr. Deckard pursued an exemplary academic path marked by achievements that include graduating with distinction from both Indian River State College and Florida Atlantic University, with an Associate Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, respectively. Transitioning seamlessly into her postgraduate studies, she pursued her master's and doctoral degrees at Nova Southeastern University. She now holds a Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree, with an emphasis in Neuropsychology.

Her pursuit of comprehensive knowledge did not stop there. While completing her doctoral degree, she engaged in additional neuropsychology practicums, surpassing the required minimum to ensure a broad and in-depth understanding of the field. A pivotal component of her training was her doctoral internship at a Veteran's Affairs (VA) joint ambulatory care center, providing her with exceptional interdisciplinary training. Further enhancing her skill set, she dedicated three years to post-doctoral training in forensic psychological assessment, forensic neuropsychology, and clinical neuropsychology, all under the mentorship of board-certified psychologists and neuropsychologists. Dr. Deckard’s extensive and rigorous training, firmly rooted in evidence-based practices, has equipped her with an exceptional syndrome-based understanding of neuropsychological disorders.

Dr. Deckard currently harbors over ten years of dedicated experience in neuropsychology, with more than six of those years spent in hands-on training and leadership roles. Her career journey before joining Caron in 2024 includes founding and serving as the CEO of a concierge neuropsychology practice and formerly serving as the directing of training at a neuropsychological testing, memory, and therapy practice, and as the neuropsychology practicum co-supervisor at a memory and wellness center. In her capacity as practicum co-supervisor, she was instrumental in improving and shaping the core aspects of the program, tailoring its objectives and material effectively. She established a neuropsychological assessment battery and reporting structure that aligned with the latest industry standards, bridging educational needs with real-world application. She also oversaw the clinical education of students, guiding their hands-on experience with patients. In addition to her clinical and administrative expertise, Dr. Deckard enriches the field of psychology through her academic role as an adjunct professor at Nova Southeastern University’s Doctor of Psychology program.

Dr. Deckard's exceptional discernment and leadership qualities, deeply rooted in her military service, have endowed her with a profound resilience that infuses all aspects of her professional life, guiding her approach and contributions in the field of neuropsychology. Embodying her motto, “Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice and is never the result of selfishness,”—a powerful insight from Napoleon Hill—Dr. Deckard exemplifies this principle through her dedication and selfless commitment to her work. Her journey reflects a belief in the value of sacrifice and teamwork for the greater good, a perspective that can enhance her contributions and foster meaningful advancements in patient care and treatment methodologies at Caron.

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