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Daniel Pfost

Daniel Pfost
Outpatient Therapist
Pennsylvania (Wyomissing)
Daniel Pfost

As an outpatient therapist, Certified Trauma Professional, and Licensed Social Worker, Dan Pfost facilitates outpatient groups and evaluations for new patients to assess the level of care they need. He is trained in trauma informed experiential therapy that includes sociometry, psychodrama, and adventure based counseling.

Working in the Caron Outpatient Treatment Center in Wyomissing, Dan offers patients a judgment-free place so that they can better understand their substance use and how to move forward into recovery. He is a compassionate listener who works with them to dig into the root causes that contribute to their substance use disorder.

Prior to joining Caron in 2021, Dan worked as a therapist in the behavioral health field for 10 years. His experience includes working in inpatient treatment centers, outpatient programs, prevention programs, and sober living programs. He has worked with veterans, indigent families, patients utilizing medication-assisted treatment, and patients with dual diagnoses. That range of experience gives him a broad and deep context that enables him to work with patients from all kinds of backgrounds.

Dan has a Master of Science in social work and a Bachelor of Science in political science, both from Kutztown University.

Caron takes a practical approach to treatment that focuses on giving people the support and tools they need to build a life in recovery. The collegial, collaborative team culture permeates our treatment approach as well, which quickly builds trust with our patients.”
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