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Cory Halpern

Cory Halpern
Director of Support Services
Florida (Renaissance)
A headshot of Cory Halpern.

Cory Halpern has been the director of support services at Caron Renaissance since 2010. He joined Caron in 2001.

His experience at Caron encompasses a variety of roles, including counselor assistant, therapist, primary therapist, family therapist, and case specialist. That he has worn a lot of hats at Caron gives him a deep and broad knowledge of Caron operations and the ability to provide guidance and support to staff as needed. “I am passionate about this work. When I pull up to my parking space every morning, I’m excited to be here and committed to doing my best.”

As director, he oversees the community living/residential part of the program, which includes supervising counselor assistants and maintenance and housekeeping staff. He trains and mentors his staff, providing support for them to do their best in their roles and take on new positions when they are ready. He also provides back up for the clinical team when necessary and offers supervision to clinical staff.

He enjoys having the freedom to take an entrepreneurial approach, noting that he is proud to have had a driving role in establishing the new professionals program. “It has taken off and is clearly serving a critical need for patients and families. I'm proud to give people an option for treatment that they may otherwise may not have had.”

Previous to his work at Caron, Cory worked for eight years in a psychiatric lockdown unit for a county program. “Seeing that every kind of person came through those doors – rich, poor, homeless – gave me a humble understanding of life. It also made me very good at de-escalating crises. The experience as a whole really set the direction for my life and career going forward.”

Cory is certified in a series of aggression control trainings and instructed hundreds of direct care staff to increase their confidence and sense of team when challenged with working with aggressive individuals. He is also a certified addictions counselor.