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Catherine Seward

Catherine Seward
Case Specialist
Florida (Ocean Drive), Florida (Renaissance)
Catherine Seward

As a Case Specialist, Catherine works with the admissions team to support patients and families throughout the Caron Continuum for care.

She provides knowledgeable explanations of programming, assessments, and education that help individuals and families gain a full understanding of the most appropriate treatment options that suits their needs. Additionally, she is skilled in facilitating patient care throughout the Caron Continuum.

The thorough knowledge of treatment programming that Catherine has in clinical case management as well as residential are great strengths she brings to her position as Case Specialist, which she started in 2021. She began her career in 2013 as a counselor assistant and has evolved into a supervisory role and become involved in specialty services focusing on vocational services for patients.

Catherine holds a Master in Healthcare Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

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