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Brittany Moyer

Brittany Moyer
Program Administrator, My First Year of Recovery
Brittany Moyer

As the Program Administrator for My First Year of Recovery, Brittany Moyer introduces the program to potential clients and their families, describing the program and its benefits and assisting them with enrollment. She also is responsible for programmatic and financial recordkeeping.

She began working at Caron in this role in 2021. Prior to coming to Caron, Brittany worked at a nonprofit that assisted people in moving from nursing homes to living independently. As the office coordinator, she provided administrative oversight for the office, ensuring records were up to date and keeping schedules current for the field staff. Previous to that position, she worked as a nonprofit program manager, managing benefits for people with severe mental health issues, and as a foster care caseworker.

Brittany has a Bachelor of Science in rehabilitation and human services from Penn State University.

Bringing my organization skills, empathy, and case management experience to a program that enables people to create healthy, happy lives in recovery is rewarding work on every level.

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