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Brian Byers

Brian Byers
Behavioral Health Technician Administrator
Brian Byers

As the Behavioral Health Technician Administrator, Brian Byers is focused on ensuring high-quality patient care and mentoring the behavioral health technicians he oversees.

To do that, he provides supervision, ensures that staffing needs are met, handles problems as they arise, deals with emergencies, and takes care of administrative responsibilities for the Men’s Program.

Previous to this position, Brian was a behavioral health technician at Caron. He came to Caron as an entry-level behavioral health technician in 2018 and was promoted in 2020.

Brian came to Caron from a career as a paramedic in Philadelphia. Dealing constantly with emergencies and life-threatening situations prepared him for the work he does at Caron, giving him the ability to adapt as needed and work well under pressure. It was also where he saw the harm that addiction can do to people and their families and friends.

Overcoming the challenges of cerebral palsy and dealing with a serious injury he received as a paramedic gave Brian a deepened sense of empathy and a determination to meet his goals.

Brian is a certified allied addiction practitioner.

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