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Beth Davis

Beth Davis
Associate Behavioral Health Therapist
Beth Davis

As an Associate Behavioral Health Therapist in the Men’s Program, Beth Davis provides individual and group therapy, family therapy, and psycho-education. She offers her patients a safe, trusting environment that enables them to be honest and forthcoming about their struggles.

Using a calm, attentive therapeutic presence and incorporating elements of cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy, Beth guides patients to a place from which they can build a healthy life in recovery.

She began her journey at Caron in 2012 and since then has completed her undergraduate internship and graduate-level practicum in her professional development. She moved into her current position in 2020 after working as a counselor assistant and admission specialist. These roles have given her a comprehensive understanding of Caron as well as insight into the patient experience.

Beth has a Master of Arts in counseling from Alvernia University and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Millersville University.

At Caron, we emphasize the better life that recovery offers and guide patients to a place where they are ready to begin their recovery journey. Using a humanistic, patient-centered approach gives patients a space in which they can express themselves without judgment.”

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