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Aly Ries

Aly Ries
Lead Recovery Support Specialist - Campus Engagement Specialist
Aly Ries

Aly Ries provides support services through two roles within Caron: lead recovery support specialist and campus engagement specialist. She is passionate about helping individuals navigate the challenging early days of recovery.

She also feels strongly about the importance of reducing barriers to treatment, specifically within the college student population. Aly has experience across the continuum of substance use support services, including prevention, early intervention, co-occurring disorder treatment, and recovery support.

As lead recovery support specialist, she works with Caron patients who are leaving treatment and returning to their home environments, as well as those looking for substance use disorder treatment who may need support and direction. That work encompasses a variety of services, including in-home reintegration services, case management, recovery coaching, and individual therapy. “Through this work, we see the immense and rapid change people are capable of. To witness people finding their spark, growing into the people they want to be—it is truly the most rewarding experience,” she says.

In her role, she also trains new specialists, consults on cases that may require more complex or customized services to meet client needs, and tracks and reports program outcomes.

As campus engagement specialist, Aly applies her recovery support experience as well as her clinical experience as a social worker to consult with colleges and universities that are looking to enhance or create programming to support staff, faculty, students, and parents with substance use-related services and education.

Upon joining Caron in 2017, Aly joined the team that launched the Recovery Support Services Program at the Caron Recovery Center in New York. She recently moved to Philadelphia to work at the Caron Philadelphia Outpatient Treatment Center.

Aly has worked with colleges and universities, including Drexel University, University of Maryland College Park, Miami University, and University of California Santa Barbara, to develop and implement programs to support students with substance use concerns and students in recovery.

She received her master’s in social work from the University of Pennsylvania and her bachelor’s in psychology from Lehigh University.

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