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Abby Fischgrund

Abby Fischgrund
Clinical Case Manager
Abby Fischgrund

As clinical case manager for older adult and detox patients at Caron Florida’s Keele Center, Abby Fischgrund ensures patients’ comfort and ability to concentrate fully on treatment.

She coordinates their care, including any necessary external care and aftercare options when treatment is completed. She checks in with patients daily and communicates with family members and referents as needed.

Abby came to Caron in 2023 in her current role. She has worked in the mental health and addiction treatment field in case management and counseling for almost a decade. Her job at Caron allows her to do what she loves best — connecting with patients, coordinating their progress through treatment, and ensuring that their next step after treatment is right for them.

Prior to her current work, Abby was a preschool teacher for three years.

She is a certified addiction professional with a Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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