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Aaron Stopyra, Jr.

Aaron Stopyra, Jr.
Neurofeedback Technician
Aaron Stopyra, Jr.

Aaron Stopyra helps patients understand how their brains function and teaches them how to regulate dysfunctional activity, thereby reducing stress and anxiety and increasing their ability to manage their emotions. He generates a brain map for patients based on an electroencephalogram, discusses the results, and works with them to create a treatment plan for neurofeedback therapy, which he administers.

Aaron took on this job in 2023, after working as a mental health technician at Caron since 2018. In that role, he worked with a range of patients, from teens to older adults, helping them to manage stress and anxiety while in treatment. He worked one-on-one with patients who were experiencing distress, including anxiety, stress, depression, and anger. He also facilitated psychoeducational groups giving patients information on topics such as motivational techniques and coping skills.

The knowledge Aaron gained in that role is critical to his work as a neurofeedback technician, enabling him to read how a patient feels and understand the effects of anxiety and stress on a person’s ability to manage their lives and have a sense of well-being.

Aaron has a Bachelor of Science in psychology with a minor in sociology from Penn State Schuylkill. He is currently working on certifications as an advanced alcohol and drug counselor and trauma counselor. In addition, he is in a master's program in industrial and organizational psychology.

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