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Family Education Programs

Caron helps families dealing with an addict understand addiction, cope and heal.

What Are Key Components to Our Family Education Programs (FEP)

A healing process for the entire family.

At Caron, we believe that the patient is the family and the family is the patient, meaning that families are just as deserving and in need of care as their addicted loved ones. Our interactive, educational Family Education Programs at Caron Pennsylvania allow families dealing with an addict to participate in the healing process. Through our programs, patients and families receive a solid understanding of addiction, coping skills, healthy boundaries, the process of enabling addiction and 12-Step programs. Not to mention, family participation empowers patients to maintain long-term sobriety. Statistics show that patients whose families participate in drug and alcohol rehab have lower relapse rates than those whose families are not involved.

All are welcome.

If you have a loved one who is not currently a patient at Caron and continues to struggle with addiction, your family is still eligible to participate in Caron’s Family Education Programs. Please contact us for more information. 

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At Caron, we can help you build a treatment program that meets your needs.

Key Components

Topics covered during family education programs include:

  • Progression of addiction
  • How families are impacted by addiction
  • Introduction to 12-step programs
  • Building support systems and utilizing healthy coping skills
  • Enabling addiction vs. supporting recovery
  • Relapse
  • Healthy communication and boundaries
  • Transition from treatment to early recovery
  • Commitment to recovery

The next step.

After treatment, we encourage family members to attend Breakthrough experiential workshops on our Pennsylvania campus.

Facilitated by highly-trained clinical staff, these workshops help addicts and families build deeper connections and find greater happiness through psychodrama, role-play and hands-on activities.

Please note that family education programs are strongly encouraged and, in some cases, required for admission. 

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Family Programming

Family Programming is critical to a successful recovery, not only for the addict, but for other family members as well.

Years of addiction can throw a family into chaos, resulting in anger, lack of trust, hopelessness, and resentment. It is only by getting involved in a patient’s treatment plan that the entire family can begin healing.

Our Family Programs include education about addiction and how families are impacted by the disease. Participants then focus on identifying ineffective communication patterns and unhealthy coping skills that enable the progression of the disease process. During the final few days, family members and patients work together by utilizing their improved understanding to make a commitment to support the family recovery process.

While in treatment, families discuss and learn about issues such as:

  • Active addiction
  • Recovery process
  • Relapse behaviors
  • Effective boundaries
  • Personal support systems
  • Regulation of emotions
  • Healthy coping skills
  • 12-Steps
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Satell Family

The Satell Family Children and Teens Program at Caron Pennsylvania educates children and teens about the disease of addiction and how it affects each family member. Our program provides children and teens ages 7-15 with the coping tools they need to:

  • Find hope while living in a family impacted by chemical abuse
  • Improve their self-esteem
  • Empower them to make healthy choices
  • Open new lines of communication with family members
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Teen Family Education

Family involvement in treatment is vital for a teen’s long-term recovery, particularly because the entire family has been impacted by the disease of addiction. During the course of a teens stay at Caron, it is critical for parents and other appropriate family members to attend Caron’s Teen Family Education Program

During the program, patients and families will learn:

  • The disease concept of addiction
  • 12-Steps programs
  • Parenting techniques that support recovery
  • Recovery tools
  • Creating a “home contract” between parent and child
  • Setting boundaries and clear communication
  • Issues relating to relapse, medications, and mental health
  • Continuing care plans

The Teen Family Education Program runs Saturday through Tuesday and helps families and teen understand the emotional consequences of addiction and how families play an integral role in the recovery process.

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Young Adult Family Education

Parents of young adults are faced with the unique challenge of the transition into adulthood while coping with the impact of chemical dependency. For this reason, family participation in treatment is a very critical and integral part of any patient’s overall treatment.

Parents and other family members are provided with the opportunity to gain education and to recognize they are not alone in this process by interacting with other parents with similar experiences. When the patients join the process, the families have the opportunity to explore the emotional consequences of addiction and how this has impacted their relationships.

The four day, interactive programming runs every Saturday through Tuesday. The programming addresses topics such as:

  • Addiction
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Relapse behaviors
  • Addiction interaction
  • Process of recovery
  • Stress
  • Co-parenting
  • Boundaries in recovery
  • Commitment to ongoing recovery
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Adult Family Education

Our Adult Family Education Program enables family members to learn about addiction, including how addiction progresses and the ways relationships are affected. Over the course of four days, patients and their families develop new insight into the recovery process by working on improved communication skills and identifying new, healthy coping skills.

Topics covered in our Adult Family Education Program include:

  • Addiction as a progressive disease
  • The impact of addiction
  • Enabling behaviors vs. healthy boundaries
  • Introduction to recovery and 12-Step programming
  • Relapse behaviors
  • Effective communication
  • Recovery action plans
  • Enabling addiction vs. supporting recovery
  • Relapse as a part of the disease process
  • Detaching with love
  • Establishing and maintaining boundaries
  • Communication styles
  • The role of each individual in achieving wellness
  • Recovery action plans

The Adult Extended Care Family Program begins on the third Saturday of each month. This program builds upon the primary care family education program experience. It utilizes interactive and experiential group activities to address the specific family dynamics that arise in early recovery.Highly experienced therapists assist family members in addressing barriers to recovery.The programming incorporates activities designed to develop healthy boundaries and effective communication.Throughout the program, participants gain new perspectives and skills as each family member develops a personal recovery action plan.Hope is restored as the families gain new techniques to live healthy lives grounded in recovery.

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Older Adults Family Education

Caron offers customized programming for families of patients in our Older Adults Program. Each family's plan is different: the treatment team makes specific recommendations in terms of the length and content of the programming. Programming involves a family counseling session, in which a skilled clinician addresses the specific family dynamics and clinical needs of each older adult and his or her family. It also may include participation in select portions of the Relapse or Adult Family Education Programs and cover topics such as:

  • Caring for older adults and supports for caregivers
  • Addiction as progressive disease
  • Enabling behaviors vs. healthy boundaries
  • Introduction to recovery and 12-Step programming
  • Relapse behaviors
  • Effective communication
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Relapse Family Education

Our Relapse Family Education Program is an interactive four-day workshop that helps patients and families address relapse prevention and further develop their commitment to recovery within a caring, committed family system. Families are provided with education regarding the progression of the disease and the relapse process. Caron’s commitment to families impacted by relapse and the progression of the disease of addiction includes: identifying attachment issues, capitalizing on resiliencies and strengths, building resources and recognizing patterns of relapse. The clinical team utilizes best practices along with 12-Step principles to address issues such as affect dysregulation, communication styles and stress reduction strategies.

Family members participate in process group work and experiential exercises, helping them identify healthy and unhealthy coping skills and behavioral patterns that exist within the family. The patients join the process for the final three days. This provides the families with the opportunity to explore how anger, fear and resentment have impacted their relationships and ability to communicate in an open and honest manner. The interactive program led by skilled clinicians affords families with the unique opportunity to develop comprehensive action plans that support ongoing long-term family recovery efforts. The goal of the programming is to:

  • Engage family members in identifying and evaluating the patient’s and family’s patterns of relapse
  • Understand the progression of addiction, addiction interaction disorders, core issues and their impact on the relapse process
  • Utilize the family’s resiliency and strengths to reinforce their commitment to recovery
  • Identify, through the use of Recovery Action Plans, specific steps to support recovery.
  • Restore hope
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Executive Family Program

Caron's Executive Program, gives families and patients the opportunity to begin the healing process by connecting with each other through emotional honesty and open communication. As soon as the patient enters treatment, family members are encouraged to participate.

The Executive Family Program initially looks at the family's needs separate from their loved one's addiction. Several days into the program, patients and families come together to practice healthy communication, challenge the narratives that contribute to frustrated relationships with self and others, and experience the benefits of vulnerability and mindfulness in relationships. Facilitated by our highly skilled clinical team, this process uses a myriad of therapeutic modalities, including:

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Psychodrama
  • Experiential therapy
  • Attachment Theory
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Addiction Interaction
  • Integration of Co–Occurring Disorders
  • Family Education
  • 12-Step programming

By the end of the program, patients and families will have addressed:

  • Attachment patterns
  • Intimacy and vulnerability
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Patterns of coping with anxiety
  • Addiction Interactions
  • Spirituality
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Addiction as a Disease
  • The Process of Relapse and Recovery
  • Recovery Action Plans
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