One Day Giving Challenge

Carina U. - Caron One Day Challenge 2023

Watch this video of Carina U. to hear how Caron was the jumpstart she needed on her road to recovery and how we can come together to help more people during today’s One Day Challenge.

Join us for Caron’s 2nd annual day of giving! The One Day Challenge supports Caron’s mission and vision, as well as helps spread awareness of the impact a single gift can make on someone’s life. By donating to Caron on February 16th, you are letting patients and families know that you believe in their ability to start a new chapter in their lives. Be the reason someone feels loved by participating in Caron’s One Day Challenge!

  • What is the One Day Challenge? The One Day Challenge is a day designated solely to giving and encourages people to give back to Caron in whatever ways they can.
  • Why are we doing a One Day Challenge? Caron’s One Day Challenge allows us to be a voice for Caron’s mission. It is a day to help make people aware of the impact they can have on others through their gifts.
  • How will the funds raised support Caron’s mission? There are numerous aspects of Caron’s mission: treatment, advocacy, research, training, etc. By giving to Caron’s greatest needs, you can help make our mission a reality for those who need these resources the most.
  • How can I participate in the One Day Challenge? Here are some great ways to be part of the One Day Challenge:
    • Make a gift! Any donation made on February 16th will be counted toward the One Day Challenge total. If you have questions about making your gift before or after February 16th, please check out our Q&A Fact Sheet.
    • If you’ve already made a gift this year, thank you so much! We encourage you to consider signing up for a monthly, automatically recurring gift or making a pledge to fulfill later this year. These can be set up through our donate page.
    • Tell your friends and family about the One Day Challenge. This is a great way to participate! Feel free to share our One Day Challenge social media posts and emails with others.

Consider doing an act kindness. Our theme for this event is “Be the reason someone feels loved.” We encourage you to do something nice for someone today as a way of celebrating the One Day Challenge.

If you’d like to make your One Day Challenge gift early, please visit our donate page and select “One Day Challenge” when you make your gift. For additional information and questions, please contact Susan Borelli, at

Doug O. - Caron One Day Challenge 2023

Watch this video of former NBA player and Caron alumnus Doug O. sharing how Caron impacted his life and why he’s speaking out as a voice for Caron’s One Day Challenge.

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