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Value-based Care is the Future says Caron Treatment Centers CEO

Source: Behavioral Health Business.

Caron President & CEO Brad Sorte spoke with Behavioral Health Business about the importance of outcomes as science, research and evidence-based treatment to continue to drive the addiction and behavioral health sector forward.

Read Value-based Care is the Future says Caron Treatment Centers CEO to learn more about the importance of value-based care, understand the benefits of value based care and how they outweigh those of fee-for-service contracts, and gain insight on how Caron plans to continue advancing addiction medicine and patient care.

In addition to building the Keele Medical Center for the Caron Florida campuses, the article covered Caron's investment in scientific research and technological innovations to monitor progress and improve outcomes.

“Again, [value-based care] puts the onus on the provider to raise their standard of care, but the long-term effect of raising the standard of care will eventually be better outcomes for the patient, lower costs for the payer, and hopefully, better reimbursement.”

Brad Sorte, President & CEO, Caron Treatment Centers
Source: Behavioral Health Business

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